Ready to increase your sales on Amazon?

We're here to help! After successfully launching hundreds of brands on Amazon and creating over 10 million dollar accounts, we know how to grow your Amazon business... like nobody's business! 

Check out the various ways we can increase your Amazon sales, as well as a few case studies below.

Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to your listings or marketing to have your items selling at their best.

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My Amazon Coaching Program is for YOU!


You’re Looking For Done-For-You Optimized Sales Pages and Marketing That Will Attract Your Ideal Customer And Generate More Sales.


We run each and every item through the same process that results in getting your product onto the first page of search results in your category.

We do the research, optimize your listings, run marketing campaigns, monitor your performance, bring results, and are proud of our multi-million dollar profile.


First, we'll have a call to identify your Amazon needs.

Next I'll build out a customized roadmap detailing out how to accomplish your goal, including how-to videos, examples of best-in-class Amazon pages, and more!

It's up to you if you want to complete the tasks yourself, of if you want to hire it out.

Done For You

Don't want to execute all of the go-do's from your customized Roadmap received in your coaching?

No problem! 

We'll do it for you!

In your customized roadmap you'll receive a quote for number of hours required to do the work and an estimate on costing.

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"Wow! Tons of value and it gets me excited about the possibilities"

-Justin Weishan, Coaching Client & Owner of Macro Snacks

Kate is seeing a +121% sales increase on Amazon from my work!

Here's what my team and I did to help her:

1. Completely rebuilt her listings with sales converting keywords, and updated her listings so they're now concise and easy for the shopper to understand.

2. Created all new marketing PPC ads, arranging them into new buckets, and plugging in a 3rd party app to optimize her keywords weekly.

Kate's total cost: $1,200

Kate's ROI in 1 month: $8,000 in additional revenue, so $6,800 on top of what she paid us!

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"I love your process, enthusiasm and experience."
- Kate, the "A" Game Masterclass

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Josh is seeing a +51% increase in sales

Here's what my team and I did to help him:

1. Completely rebuilt his listings with sales converting keywords, adding very specific keywords for his unique categories of products.

2. Created all new marketing PPC ads, and spent a week optimizing his marketing by hand so it was in good shape before I turned it back in to him.

Josh's total cost: $1,200

Josh's ROI in 1 month: $2,500 in additional revenue, so $1,300 on top of what he paid us!

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Grace Ventura, Owner of Beyond Broth

"I am so grateful for all that you both do for the brand. Thank you from the deepest well of my heart."

Mike Krasowski, Sales Director at Victus

"Happy to be part of your team. We are seeing great results."

Tony Ransdell, Member of my Retail Success Mastermind on Facebook

"Jennifer has always had great ideas! Awesome group page and great advice for any level business."

"You are the best!! My business is flourishing thanks to your coaching"

-Kate, Hilwaite Holdings, The Door Jamm