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Ep61: I’ve Decided to Become a Swinger… Now What? With Justin Skaggs

So… you’ve decided to open your relationship… now WTF do you do?

This podcast is for you!

We cover where to start, where to go, where NOT to go, the different dynamics of each spot from your local Swinger Club to S*x Clubs and Dungeons.

Justin and I have got you covered!


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Ep#60: Uncompromising Intimacy with Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Today’s podcast is something really different.  

I get real-time coaching on my relationship from Alexandra Stockwell, MD, also known as "The Intimacy Doctor".  

She is an Intimate Marriage Expert who specializes in showing couples how to build beautiful, long-lasting,...

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Ep#59: How I Became a Dominatrix with Taylor Posey

This is SUCH a juicy episode! 

Join Taylor and I as we discuss how she became a female dominatrix.

Listen HERE

We discuss ALL things like:

  • Meet Taylor 0:56 - 2:15
  • “Not Vanilla” 2:43 - 3:41
  • I Really Like to Spank - 4:54 - 5:51
  • What is Tinder Gold? 6:28 - 6:54
  • Do NOT put...
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We Made a Commercial!

We had a client come to us for some Amazon item page and Storefront videos.

They asked for a commercial-style video with real life people.

Cristina, our Marketing Director, created this just under 2 minute video.

We have a shorter version of this for their item page, and for them to use on their...

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#58: Put Your Dreams to the Test with Sheila Jones of Wicked Results Consulting

Sheila Jones is the owner of Wicked Results.

Hence the name, her focus is getting big results for her clients in their personal and professional life.  

Today's theme is: Putting Your Dreams to the Test!  

We are both so freaking passionate about helping people create and...

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No J-O-B is Going to Pay Me $3M

When we work for others, we are spoonfed work and tiny, baby raises that tell us we’re good girls and boys and we get to keep our little salaries.

Y’all… NO FREAKING JOB on the PLANET is going to pay me the kind of money I have made in my business.

I left my corporate job...

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How Netflix's Sex, Love & Goop Changed my S*x Life

1 year ago I watched episode 1 of Sex, Love, & Goop, and it completely changed my relationship with my ex-husband ….. and it’s changed the trajectory of my life.

I saw deep sensuality and a whole world of possibilities open up for me.

Sex was vanilla up until then.

We went...

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#57: STI's 101 with Nurse Practitioner Lauren Haines

More than 50% of all humans have STI's, so why all the shame?

Today's podcast with nurse practitioner Lauren Haines de-stigmatizes STI's and STD's allowing us to hear the facts and normalize this part of being sexually intimate with others.

It's not as scary as society has made it out to be.


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#56: Sexcapades with Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez

Y'all asked for more of Tony and Cristina so here you go!

An episode all about their + my Sexcapades.

Topics covered:

  • Fantasies Come True
  • Weirdest Situations
  • Newbie Mistakes
  • Kinkiest Story
  • First Sex Party
  • Most Grateful For
  • Our Wish Lists

Tony & Cris has the top #1 and #2 episodes on my...

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The Making of Brandi

Last Tuesday I arranged for my partner Scott and I to meet at a hotel.

I was Brandi, an Escort. My partner made up the persona of Travis, a lonely widow.

I arrived at the hotel early to shower, dress, and then met him at the bar downstairs.

Y'all... I was so freaking nervous. I never dress like...

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#55: Swinging 101 with Jo Leavitt

Today on the podcast I have Jo Leavitt, podcast host of The Confident Swinger, she is a coach leading others into the Lifestyle. 

Eternally optimistic, Jo is a wife and mom and loves leading others into the world of swinging.

We cover:

  • 0:55 - 1:50 Jo’s Dive into Swinging
  • 6:10 -...
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#54: Perspectives on Life from my 97yo Grandmother Therese Grossman

I’ve been interviewing my 97yo grandmother over the past several years each time I visit her in Savannah.

Therese Grossman was born May 6th, 2025 in Savannah, GA.

Recently she has started having dementia, which is normal in someone her age. The brain starts to fade as the body begins to...

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