Weekly Newsletter

2022 Year End Recap

WOW has 2022 been a year!

It started out with my husband telling me he no longer wanted to be with me. That an open relationship was just too much.

He never asked for more in our relationship.

I was the one that kept growing and changing and evolving.

We just outgrew each other.

We still loved each other, and help tremendous compassion so we decided to consciously uncouple.

What's a "conscious uncoupling"?

It means you break up with dignity, and love, and kindness.

Within 30 days we were divorced.

He found someone to love monogamously and has been with her over half a year. 

He still sees my boys and stays plugged into their lives.

I'm grateful for all of the adults that help raise my boys, and pour into their lives.

I went to Costa Rica the day after Derek moved out and the trip was, in a way, the bridge to the next chapter in my life.

I ziplined and hiked in the rainforest. 

I let go of my 8 year marriage, and arms-wide-open embraced returning home to a relationship with Scott, the second man I met on Tinder when we opened our relationship last fall.

I'd let go and closed off all of my other relationships in order to see if Scott and I could form a foundation for a real future together.

We discovered a mutual love and happiness. He quickly embraced the boys and I and our dog Timmy, and we decided to do life together. 💕 

Scott moved in in April and has made so many deposits into our lives. 

He is fun, and smart. 

Deeply passionate and sweet and caring and selfless.

He loves hard and fiercely.

I've watched the boys step up and become men under his guidance. 

I've enjoyed discovering all of the layers that make up who he is, and finding more treasure with each passing month.

In the fall I went into the woods with 111 women and opened up my heart to more female friendships, to more magic, and to new experiences.

I've co-facilitated women's events before, and learned a ton during this one.

I'm looking forward to hosting my own in 2023.

When I got back home, I decided to start a s/x and relationship coaching certification program and am in my second trimester.

My retail business had a great year as we added marketing services. We created websites, customized influencer campaigns, a commercial, ran social media accounts, and created content for brands!

The podcast changed from a retail focus to s/x and relationship coaching and we added YouTube & TikTok.

I'm looking forward to what comes in 2023!