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5 Ways to Create a Cohesive Seasonal Marketing Theme Online

There are 5 ways you can create a cohesive seasonal marketing theme to align the Amazon shopper to their shopping cart with your products, and to make the sale.

As we move into Spring & Summer it’s time to create a seasonal feeling to your items on Amazon.

Gorgeous Mother's Day Storefronts:

Carmien Tea


Let’s dive into each of these tactics!

1. Storefronts

I recommend starting with your storefront. To update the look and feel of your Amazon Storefront you’ll need to consider:


Taking new pictures that feel seasonal. Ex: incorporate pumpkins, hayrides, flannel, warm drinks, and so on to create that fall vibe.


Keep in mind if you’re shooting lifestyle photography and you’re outdoors, you’ll need fall foliage. If that’s not a reality in your part of the country, consider hiring a photographer in a different northern state to give you that look.

Also consider working a year out at a time to capture the seasons well if possible. This can be done with generic lifestyle pictures, but maybe not with product based photography (think a new apparel line launching a year from now). 

2. Content

It will be important to re-write your listings, Enhanced Brand Content, Storefront and Email autoresponders in a way that talks about the season. Example: “Fall is the perfect time of year to purchase our Muffin or Pancake Mixes and add in those seasonal apples or pumpkins”.

Remember that creating a new need to purchase or driving the shopper to an impulse buy is an easy way to increase sales as we head into different seasons throughout the year.

3. Feedback Genius

Update your email autoresponders frequently with your seasonal theme. This month we’re talking about using the last of your summer vegetables with a recipe for zucchini frites for my client Think. Eat. Live. 

Help your shopper move into the changing of seasons with recipes, wardrobe, or tips and tricks that will encourage them to re-purchase.

4. Listing Images

Just like the Storefront updated listed in #1, you can also update the pictures in your listing to help portray changes in season. Take extra pictures during your Storefront photo shoot, or re-use them in your listings. You can also update your Enhanced Brand Content with the same theme.

5. Keywords

It’s super important to update your listing’s keywords any time there is a holiday or changing of seasons. Words like “gifts for mom”, “graduation”, “fall”, etc. need to be added throughout the year when applicable.

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