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Get Read for BTS!

It's that time of the year again- Back to School! My kids are so ready to see their friends after spending almost the entire last school year at home.

We've already bought the backpacks and school supplies.

Ya'll, they are READY!

My kiddos are not alone- the world is ready to (try to) get back to some sort of normal.

That means you need to get ready. NOW.


4 Ways to Get Ready for BTS:

1. Update your product images and videos to reflect BTS.

2. Create short mini ads showing how your food product works in a lunchbox.

Or how your rain boots look on kids waiting for the bus.

3. Use influencers to tell your story for you!

4. Blog about it.

Don't miss out on this "holiday" to bring additional revenue in.

Here's one way an old client of mine used her social media company to create BTS themed images for her brownie bites Amazon and website.

Image Credit > Think.Eat.Live.