Weekly Newsletter

Being Taken Care Of

I didn't realize until just a second ago how safe I feel to just take care of me.

Because he can take care of us. All 3 of us.

This morning Scott got up and I stayed in bed. For several hours.

He made coffee. And I knew if the boys woke up and wanted something he'd just fix them something.

He was completely competent to just handle it.

Y'all - I've NEVER slept in and left my family to fend for themselves.

I've always felt that I was the only one that could take care of everyone.

I'm sure that's not a fair statement.

Maybe, 🤔 I felt like I was the only one that WOULD step up and just handle the dang thing (like making breakfast).

This feeling of being with a partner that can literally handle all of the things is fresh and new and so beautiful I could cry.

My heart might just burst.

I am so, so grateful that I get to experience equality of partnership in this lifetime.

That I'm taken care of so dang well that I want to take care of everyone else so dang well too.

I no longer feel depleted and drained.

A year ago I was telling my therapist "I'm just so f*ing exhausted".

I'm not sure who that version of me is anymore.