Weekly Newsletter

But is it actually true?

“But is it true?”

This is the question I finally came to after an hour of conversation and some tears.

Let me back up…

Yesterday I had a woo-facial with my esthetician Taylar, and what came up for me was that I was feeling boxed in within an area of my life.

This is a trigger for me, and I’ve felt it in the past several times.

I hate being boxed in.

I’m a freaking Goddess with giant wings.

I want to soar and play and discover. 

Feeling boxed in makes me immediately feel constricted and stifled. Like I’m being choked out. ☠️ 

As I talked about this with my partner so I could delve deeper and allow him to bring up even more, a huge download occurred.

I realized that the question wasn’t “Am I feeling boxed in”?

The real question was “Is it true that I am boxed in?”.

And the answer is no.

The reality is I have soooooo much freedom to be me.

To ask for what I want and desire. 

To explore.


A friend called me this morning with a similar situation.

She was feeling undesirable & unloved & unworthy of love and pleasure.

I’m your best hype girl - I can pump you up and remind you of your f*ing gloriousness.

And also offer tips, helpful ideas, etc.

But what I should have done was ask “But is it true?”.

And really let her feel into the answer.

To find it and feel it for herself. 💕

Of course her feelings weren’t actually reality. 

She’s a gorgeous, intelligent, sexy goddess and any man would be lucky to have her.


Sometimes our feelings aren’t actually reality.

So I encourage you to ask yourself this week “But is it actually true?”.