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Conscious Communicationing the HELL Out of My Relationship

(This is me bringing some Fall Fair energy into this crazy roller coaster ride that conscious relationshipping is!)

Tonight I wanted to share our latest relationship win.

We are conscious communicationing the HELL out of our relationship.

I've been sharing my open relationship story for the past 9 months since my ex and I opened up our marriage...

And I mean very publicly... and frequently. 

I have a podcast that Scott (my partner) has been helping me create marketing content on to promote it, so he's been hearing what I've been talking about on the show.

And writing about it here on my blog and on social media...

Which is all about how great it was to be open... and Poly... and how I have so much room to love lots of people.

*ahem* 😃 

I invited him to meet my Poly therapist this past week, so that was another layer of open relationship conversation that he as a part of.

And... I also got so excited about the interview Beth Brown shared from Jessica Fern, author of Polysecure ( because there were so many ah-ha moments for me, so I shared it with him and asked that we listen together to share in the knowledge/conversation.

😳 Well... he felt that I was bombarding him with Poly/Open materials.

And triggered that I was going to leave him for someone else.

He felt insecure. And not enough.

The same feelings most of us have gone through over the years.


I'm so grateful for all of the self help and spiritual work I've done throughout the years because I could easily see that these feelings were not about me at all.

They were about him.

💜 So we talked.

💜 And we talked.

💜 And we talked some more.

I assured him I'm not leaving him.

We spoke to each other how much we value our relationship and love one another. 

How love doing life together. 

Then I lead him to the bedroom to pour all of our love into each other though some intense, connected f*cking.

Just walked right past the kids. Shut the door. Turned on some music fairly loudly so they couldn't hear us.

And we f*cked our love deep into each other hearts.


Super healing and connecting interaction, for sure!