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Step #1: Create a product for your ICA

Ever feel like you need a special dictionary for the business world?

It’s OK to not know all the terms used by retailers and marketers. I’m here to help break down this acronym-filled world for you!

“Who is your ICA?”: means “Ideal Customer Avatar”, or in simpler terms, “Who is the person you want to buy your products?”.

This is a super important question to ask yourself before you start designing products, packaging, launching marketing activities, going live on social media, etc., because you are constantly ATTRACTING shoppers, clients, others to you.

As a high end boutique, you want affluent shoppers and you might want to offer a luxurious environment, complimentary Champagne, high end changing room areas, etc.

The difference of an ICA is reflected in the way you brand your products. Or the filters you use on your social media pictures. The words you use to describe your services or products.

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Step #1: Create a product for your ICA

When Riaz Surti set out to create a gluten free /Paleo/Keto Friendly flour his #1 mission was taste. It HAD to taste amazing.

“At one time, the phrase “no gluten” meant the beginning of a journey of “don’t” and “can’t”.  At Hearthy Foods, we believe an adage speaks perfectly: One no may yield a thousand yeses.” – Riaz Surti, Owner of Hearthy Foods


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