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Business Owners, Set Healthy Boundaries

Let’s talk about boundary setting dear friends.

Last month I was on vacation with the whole family. We went to Hilton Head for the first time, and I booked the boys and I a dolphin + beachcomber excursion experience.

It was AMAZING! We saw over 10 dolphins, including a sweet baby.

Then we spent an hour beachcombing on a vanishing island where my youngest and I found handfuls of sand dollars. It was a truly magical experience.

I happened to look at my cell phone on the way back on the boat and noticed a nasty email from a client.

Some weeks ahead I’d sent everyone a “School’s Out, Here’s How We’ll Create a Peaceful, Serene Summer” email outlining how my team and I will be scheduling calls, sending out deliverables, and how we’d like to eliminate any unnecessary conference calls until summer is over.

It was my way of creating boundaries while still instilling a sense of care and service to our clients, also honoring their summers with their kids too.

This particular client was angry and told me “I’ll call twice a day if I want to!”.

Uhm, no you won’t. Your minimal engagement fee isn’t worth the stress and time you’re sucking from my life, sir. So I was brave enough to tell him so.

His sales were up over 300% vs. last month. He’d sold over $10,000 on Amazon in just over 2 months with a brand new account. His account was in a perfect position and ramping quickly. Ads were converting really well and he was actually making money off of them. 

What in the actual hell are you even complaining about??!!??

Then he fires me saying I could have done better, and he wanted even more attention.

There will be energy vampires in your life. Find them and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Do you have partners, friends, or clients that are literally sucking the life out of you? If so, end the relationship now before it’s too late.

Setting boundaries is a perfect way to move out people from your life that are not aligned.