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Encouraging my Kids to Dream Big

I’ve become a firm believer in signs from the Universe. It’s like a nudge that I’m on the right path, or doing the right thing. That I’m in alignment.

I’ve found that there are 2 ways I know I’m aligned these days. Tesla sightings (which is actually still pretty rare in Northwest Arkansas) and angel numbers.

The Tesla thing is pretty funny. It all started with my 10 year old Ian, who is soooo in love with Teslas. He’s been asking when I can buy one for the last year. Has been obsessed with them – researching online and picking out his favorite model and color. It’s gotten me to start doing the same (‘cause. I mean Tesla’s ARE really cool).

You guys know by now that I’m a huge manifesting fan, so of course I’m promoting this lofty goal. And you know what, the fact that my kiddo even thinks that having a Tesla in our family is like, no big deal, means I must be doing one HELLUVA job showing up in a place of abundance every day for him. The idea of not having something that costs about the same as a small house never even crossed his mind.

The other day I was getting my hair done and one of the stylists had her daughter there to do her hair before school. The little girl was having a heyday spinning all of the chairs around and giggling. I heard her momma says “Get off of those chairs! I cannot afford to replace ’em when you break em!”

There are 2 things wrong with this whole situation that went down in the beauty shop:

1. This momma was living in a state of scarcity. She’s teaching her child to live in that same state.

2. Girls should to be ENCOURAGED to have spunk. Little boys get praised for their rambunctiousness, and the same should happen for girls. This little redhead was full of it, and I watched her momma several times try to contain her and squelch her fiery spirit.

So back to my original story – Lo and behold we started seeing (every) Tesla in Northwest Arkansas, and almost daily.

The more we’re aligned with Spirit, the more Teslas we see (sometimes up to 5 per day).

I’m sure you’re wondering how I encourage my children to dream big and that anything is possible (because it is) to the extent that my 10 year old is waiting in expectancy for our new Tesla to soon live in our garage.

Check out the 3 steps below. They can sound too simple but trust me, they do work!


  • I allow my kids to dream BIG and we put their dream on the “bucket list”.
  • Next, I begin to take action on their dream.
  • Lastly, I turn their dream into reality.