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Email Marketing Made Easy Peasy!

Email marketing continues to be one of the best channels for ROI, with each $1 spent generating $38 in revenue.

It can be a great tool to reach a variety of goals, so why not just dive in and get campaigns rolling! 

On this episode of my podcast Bricks and Clicks, I’m offering some hot tips on how to create effective campaigns.

There are 3 important fundamentals for those building their brand.

Be you. Do it and say it because whatever content you’re putting out there is to attract your ideal customers. I want to hear from super real humans.

Authenticity in communications is critical to make connections. Otherwise, you aren’t adding much value to someone’s inbox. Here emails are expressive, honest, and genuine.

Stop overthinking. Ask yourself a question, ‘What will happen if I do this?’ Think about the best thing and worst thing.

Overthinking goes hand in hand with being authentic. The world needs you to show up exactly how you are.

Look at the analytics last. They are important and help determine objective achievement, but they aren’t the key driver. Your real goal is to be a shiny bright light in your field.

Start a new email campaign today, and remember to be authentic, don’t overthink, and leave the analytics until later.