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How I Incorporate Self-care into my Busy Entrepreneur Day

Let’s talk about self care, ok?

8 years ago I left Walmart Home Office and went to work for Nature’s Path Organic Foods. Best job on the planet, because I’d just had my second child, and was heavily on the “path” to healthy eating.

We’re taking cloth diapers, natural deodorant, organic food and La Leche League International meetings. Friends, I was considered super “crunchy granola” to my Walmart co-workers and friends.

I did lots of yoga, had a trainer, was in the best shape of my life, and mentally in the best head-space as well. Got divorced and exited a toxic, verbally abusive relationship, then found my love and new hubby Derek.

Then I got “happy fat”.

Ladies, know what I mean? The pounds that pack on because you’re just so darn happy to be with someone that loves you for you, so you stop eating salads and start eating fettuccine alfredo and burgers. ‘Cause food is love, right?

Fast forward a few year and I’m back to my healthy lifestyle and getting closer and closer to my ideal weight again. This is the year I get back to feeling like me again.

So how do I incorporate self-care to my day as part of my total body health regimen?

1. I’m working out 6 days a week and hired a trainer (thanks Tony!). After years of thinking I could do this losing weight thing on my own, my body is finally rapidly getting toned and fit.

As an ‘atta-girl, at the end of my workouts I’m hitting the hydro bed (thank you Planet Fitness) and for those 10 minutes, meditating in a state of mindfulness and intention-setting on how I want to rock that day. I also bought the Peloton Tread and Peloton Bike.

2. Then I drive home, grab a quick shower, get ready, and am on my cozy couch ready to conquer the day.

3. As part of my healthy lifestyle, I’m loving Hello Fresh meals. They're made of fresh, healthy foods and my family loves making it with me. Get $70 off your 1st box here!

I’m feeling more energized and fit each day, and congratulating myself for showing up.