Weekly Newsletter

Magic & Margaritas

Life is full of magic. And I've learned that there are several ways to "fan the flames" to encourage more if it, if you wish the magic to be abundant.

1. Acknowledge that you see it.

I wrote a blog post about how to identify you're in alignment with the Universe HERE.

2. State your intention aloud.

Yup - it has to be out load. Your voice is a magic wand to the Universe. Tell it what you desire.

3.  Believe it's yours, and that you deserve to have it.

Feelings of worthiness are important in this manifestation exercise.


Last weekend I was on Tybee island with my 4 closest friends, and we had several really incredible things happen, just because we spoke aloud what we desired. Here are some examples.


The weather magically turned warm and sunny, when it had been forecasted to be cold and rainy all weekend. 


We were hangry. All 4 of us needed food and wanted to check out the island, so we drove around looking for something open. Because of Covid the hours were super wonky and lots of restaurants were closed once we arrived using our Map phone apps.

One of my friends is an oracle, and she gets visions before we go places sometimes. She tapped into her Seer ability to feel out the perfect, open, taco shop. The 4 of us got super clear about what kind of tacos we wanted, the vibe of the place, then got silent so she could tap in.

After a minute she looks up and says "There will be a taco place around the next bend on the right. There will be 5 or 6 brightly colored umbrellas and fun reggae music. They'll even have margaritas!".

Sure enough, here's what was around the bend...


We needed more time. 48 hours wasn't enough. We needed a whole extra day. So we checked in with the VRBO host Friday night to see if anyone was booked Monday, and if not, could we pay for an extra day. We were told that there might be someone booking, but if they didn't, we could stay until 1:00.

The other party booked. We had to leave at 10am Monday morning, barely enough time to pack and get out of the house.

As the days progressed and Sunday night closed out, we all became adamant that we needed another day. 

So we visualized what would be ideal....

1. The other party cancels their reservation.

2. We get to stay later

3. We have one more day together.

Then we went off to bed.

The next morning around 7:30 am, one of my friends squeals and bursts into my room.

"Not only did we get the day, but also whe whole evening, too! The other party cancelled, the cleaning service has already been cancelled, and we don't have to leave until late tonight... for FREE!".

So we lounged around. Packed leisurely. Did yoga. Got in the hot tub. Talked a bunch. And went back to our beloved taco place. This time we got those margaritas!

I could literally go on and on about all of the really amazing things we spoke, and then they turned into reality (like half priced boarding in Greece!), but this blog post would go on forever.

You are just a magical as the 4 of us. 

I challenge you to start practicing your magic, too!

Then let me know what you create.