Weekly Newsletter


In today's hustle culture, it's popular to never stop.

From an 8-10 hour day in a cubicle, to carting kids around to extra curricular activities, then scarfing down fast food.... we wear busy as a badge of honor.

I'm over it.

I've never been a fan of Gary Vee or Tony Robbins because they perpetuate this hustle culture mindset.

The influencers in my world are talking about calming our nervous systems, working just 4 days a week, self-caring like crazy, going to therapy, and re-visiting our inner child to unwind our programming, and become better versions of ourselves. 

They're encouraging me to look at my relationships with friends, my kids, and my partner and asking deep, hard questions. To spend quality time with them. To go deep and not wide in my connection and interactions.

We're talking about sex. What's working. What's not. How to continue to crave our partners as we get older. We're curious about positions and toys and what going deeper looks like.

Everything that I do is intentional.

Even the way I vacation.

I was just asked by my kids' dad "Are you just sitting around with the kids and not playing with them?".

Absof*inglutely I am sitting around with them.

We are resting.

We are just be-ing.

We are becoming a new family unit.

I'm smiling like an idiot from the bedroom as I'm listening to Scott and the boys sing together, and talk smack to each other while playing video games.

Randomly throughout the day my boys are walking up to me and wrapping their arms around me in a hug.

We as humans need time to decompress, and especially after finishing a school year.

So here's to summer. ☀️ 

To chilling and doing absolutely nothing.

Here's to more quality time together. 

To BE-ing. Just BE-ing.

T O G E T H E R ❤️ .