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What You Speak About Becomes Your Reality

Last week I visited my 96 year old grandmother in Savannah for her birthday. We missed her big 95th last year because of Covid, and were all anxious to finally get together and see her, so we had a bit of a reunion.


It's been 10-15 years since I've seen all of my dad's side of the family, so it was really eye opening to have my adult perspective on all of our family dynamics.

One of the biggest things I noticed, coming out of my safe, Covid bubble of over a year, is how different people's realities are vs. my own.

I've learned that my words are my greatest source of power, and said in a recent blog post that words are our "magic wand into the Universe, granting us what we seek".

I heard several times talk about "I'm poor", and was completely perplexed as to why anyone would say this, over and over and over. 

Then I realized it's because it's their reality. And there was no (current) hope in seeing life any other way.

I'd like to share how I've been able to dig out of the "I am poor" mentality by doing the following things:

  1. I started listening to money mantras on my way to the office. You can find these on any streaming audio service (like Spotify).
  2. I literally wrote down "I am a money magnet" and "money flows to me easily and swiftly".
  3. I started changing my vocabulary and story. No longer was I "broke", "poor", etc. I was abundant.
  4. I started saying "yes" to things I desired. See, money loves action. Hoarding what you do have stops the flow of more coming in.
  5. I started charging more. As soon as you discover that you're worth more than you're charging (or being paid), you can then ask for what you deserve. And your income will rise.

So I'd love to challenge you (if you're not already doing this) to shift your thoughts, words, and habits into creating a world that flows abundance into every part of your life.

(My 96yo grandmother, dad & aunt at Daffin Park where my grandmother first learned how to swim as a child)