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Woman CEO, Be Wild and Free as a Child

Guys, I’ve been listening to so much Rachel Hollis lately that I’m so stinking fired up about empowering our girls I can hardly stand it. 

I guess I didn’t realize what a ginormous disparity girls have, because I’ve spent my life with my head down, blinders on, and just getting it done as I’ve climbed to the top.

I’ve created a million dollar business in less than 5 years by putting in hard work, long hours, hiring a team, asking for help, and believing that I could.

Regardless of being a woman.

Now, was I the only woman in the “boardroom” 99.9% of the time? YES.

I’ve been in rooms with CEO’s and business owners that make upwards of half a billion dollars, running their and Walmart business, and have asked for what I deserved financially, showed up with the answers, and been trusted and respected by these same men.

I’ve said (hell) NO way more than I’ve said yes.

Getting pushed down has made me even more resilient, and I’ve learned the hard way through losing money what to NOT allow in my life and business.

How’d I get this way?

By being allowed to be wild and free as a child.

Allowed to speak my mind and have an opinion.

To get dirty and play with the boys in the mud and on the playground.

Taught to see myself as equals to boys, and a contributor with adults.

I tell you all of this to encourage you to empower your girls. Allow them to be wild, and not force them to be little ladies.

They’ll thank you for it when they become grown up women.

That’s how I encourage my kids to dream big and get the things out of life they desire.