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You Are Enough

So I have one for you. It’s raw, and emotional for me, and I’m embarrassed to even tell it, but I’ve made a big promise to myself to be honest and transparent with you, my reader, in the hopes that I can empower you to also live your best life. One that you’ll eagerly wake up to with joy each and every morning.

After I had my first kid, I quickly joined Metabolic Research (it’s a weight loss company like Jenny Craig) and lost all the weight. I put TREMENDOUS pressure on myself to get back to work in the same freaking pantsuits that I left just 90 days prior to popping out a tiny human. I worked out, drank protein drinks, and ate kale.

By the time I had my second kid, I worked so hard to do the same thing. I was so stressed out believing that my co-workers at Walmart Home Office expected me to come back looking and acting like I’d never had a baby.

Over the course of four years, after bringing two lives into the world, and trying hard to get my sexy back, I was in great shape.

But my husband at the time acted as if he wasn’t attracted to me. At all.

I did allll the things, like buying sexy lingerie, wearing nice clothes and makeup, heck I even tried sexting him! Nada. It was as if I was the most unattractive thing on the planet and I couldn’t get him to take a second look at me.

I bought into the lie that I wasn’t attractive anymore. That we were too old to have a hot sex life. That anyone else would ever want me either. That I was “damaged goods” now that I had two kids. He made me feel that these excuses and lies I was telling myself were true.

But I had a great career. I worked from home and live in my dream mansion. I owned a brand new car, as did he. We made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and were miserably unhappy. I was still in my 20’s, and knew I didn’t want to live my life like this.

I finally woke up one day and realized the only way to create a better life was to leave and go make one myself.

So I left and didn’t look back. I leapt joyfully into my 30’s, remarried, and you see the fruits of that one big, scary decision all of my social media feeds today.

The 3 Best Takeaways:

  • You are enough, exactly as you are.
  • If your partner is treating you like crap, it’s time to leave.
  • We aren’t here to merely survive. Life is meant to be LIVED! Act accordingly.

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