Success Stories


Success Stories

Hi, I'm Jennifer!


I’ve been working in mass retail for over 19 years. Beginning my journey at Walmart Home Office, and later on adding Amazon and as an offering to my 1-on-1 clients, I know retail.

By adding Amazon to my business in 2017 I was able to scale revenues from $50K to $500K in just 1 year.

Over just the past 10 years I’ve created 15, million+ dollar sellers in Walmart and on Amazon.

I’d love to share my tips and tricks on scaling my business as we journey together

Jared Lovenduski

Lillabee Cookies

"Jennifer is one the smartest, savviest and scrappiest people in the game. She gets things done and opens doors. I am a huge fan."

Justin Wiesehan

Macro Snacks

“Amazon has been great since you guys have taken over!

Wow! Tons of value and it gets me excited about the possibilities."

Betsy McGinn

Referral Partner

"Jen is one of my go-to Amazon/Walmart brand management agency choices for my clients. She and her team rock it every day!!!"

 Dora Bradford

Website Build + Branding Guide +  Online Course Client

"I LOVE it! Where have you been all of these years?"

With a combined vision, strategy, and a little bit of magic I believe most brands can become million dollar sellers leveraging the top 2 retail platforms,

Amazon and Walmart.

"She will make sure you are successful."

Jennifer is very knowledgeable in the field of marketing and e-commerce sourcing. She brings practical experience to the table and takes the time to understand your needs. She will make sure you are successful.

- Christi Brown, FLEXEHOOP™

Join me in a free challenge, as I prepare you to sell into mass retail.

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