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Season 3: Ep#3: Amazon is Still Relevant with Betsy McGinn

We've got Betsy McGinn, eCommerce and Amazon expert on today's show!  

Betsy helps brands strengthen their strategic direction, on Amazon and their own Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce, and will lead you through every step of this complex channel, to ensure a profitable online business!...

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Season 3 Ep#2: Using Amazon as a Marketing Platform

It's getting harder and harder to make a profit on Amazon.

Lately we've been counseling clients to view Amazon as a marketing platform, and remove it as a sales function.

Today Ashlee and I spill all the deets on how we're directing clients, and what action steps to take.

> > >...

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Season 3: Ep1: Bricks & Clicks Podcast Relaunch

We took a hiatus for 1 year while my company, Growth Spurt Sales and Marketing made some big updates post-covid, by adding a full suite of marketing services and D2C offerings.

Let's get you caught up!

> > > Podcast Episode: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/9KZLhfEM7xb

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Ep#70: S*X Work 101 with Kiley

Today I have Kiley (@sexyswingerchic online).

S/x Work 101 is what we’ll cover today.

  • What is a s/x worker?
  • s/x advocacy
  • Stripping
  • OnlyFans
  • More!

Kiley is a totally normal wife, mom, cat mom, and ex-teacher.

She’s so well spoken and I cannot wait for you to listen to this podcast.


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Ep#69: How to Keep Long Term Sex HOT with Scott & Jen

In the spirit of 69’ing… which is all about reciprocity… mutual pleasure…. mutual desire… the “I’m so turned on I’ve gotta have you in my mouth RIGHT NOW” energy…

Today’s episode is about how to keep long term relationships...

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EP#68: Male Performance Issues with Keeley Rankin

Keeley Rankin is a sex and relationship coach that specializes in male performance issues.

This episode is for the men!

Keeley’s (@keeleyrankinsexcoach) first experience with erectile issues happened back when she was 16, and it spurred a curiosity in her that has lasted throughout...

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Ep#67: His Pleasure, Her Pleasure with Rachel Maine

Rachel Maine is a therapist turned sex and relationship coach, and today is all about PLEASURE.

We talk male & female pleasure.

How to talk to kids about pleasure.

Body Mapping.

How to bring more pleasure to your partner.


Podcast: ...

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Ep#66: How I Became an Erotic Author with Ruan Willow

Ruan Willow is an erotic author & narrator who not only creates her own content, but also is the voice for lots of different vanilla & erotic authors too.

This is the first interview I’ve done where we’ve hidden the guest’s face in order to help keep her anonymous.


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Ep#64: Seducing the Universe with Danielle Addison

Danielle Addison, owner of Simply Magnetic is a coach that teaches others how to harness the power of magnetism and feminine energies to get what you want.

I had Danielle on Episode #31: The Energy of $20K months: what it takes for creating multiple 5 figure months with ease.

I’ve been...

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Ep#62: Finding Body Positivity With Burlesque

Classically trained opera singer @lanaviolette was repeatedly told she had no place on the stage or in the arts.

Lana found Burlesque, and she found her Tribe as well as an empowering, body-positive space that allowed her to mix all of her talents: opera singer + dancer + production manager +...

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#57: STI's 101 with Nurse Practitioner Lauren Haines

More than 50% of all humans have STI's, so why all the shame?

Today's podcast with nurse practitioner Lauren Haines de-stigmatizes STI's and STD's allowing us to hear the facts and normalize this part of being sexually intimate with others.

It's not as scary as society has made it out to be.


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#56: Sexcapades with Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez

Y'all asked for more of Tony and Cristina so here you go!

An episode all about their + my Sexcapades.

Topics covered:

  • Fantasies Come True
  • Weirdest Situations
  • Newbie Mistakes
  • Kinkiest Story
  • First Sex Party
  • Most Grateful For
  • Our Wish Lists

Tony & Cris has the top #1 and #2 episodes on my...

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