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#57: STI's 101 with Nurse Practitioner Lauren Haines

More than 50% of all humans have STI's, so why all the shame?

Today's podcast with nurse practitioner Lauren Haines de-stigmatizes STI's and STD's allowing us to hear the facts and normalize this part of being sexually intimate with others.

It's not as scary as society has made it out to be.

You're not dirty or gross or tainted in any way for having STI's or STD's.

Lauren even gives us some scripts to help in telling your partner(s).

This is the episode I've been waiting for - to bring you the depth of truth that your momma wouldn't tell you.

This is reality.

2:14 - 2:54 STI vs. STD 

2:57 - 3:22 How Do You Know if you Have Chlamydia or Gonorrhea? 

3:24 -5:40  How Often Should You Get Tested? 

5:54 - 7:22 What type of testing should I do?

7:31 - 11:19 What are the most common STI’s?

13:13 - 14:34 Scripts for telling your partner about your STI.


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