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How Netflix's Sex, Love & Goop Changed my S*x Life

1 year ago I watched episode 1 of Sex, Love, & Goop, and it completely changed my relationship with my ex-husband ….. and it’s changed the trajectory of my life.

I saw deep sensuality and a whole world of possibilities open up for me.

Sex was vanilla up until then.

We went...

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#57: STI's 101 with Nurse Practitioner Lauren Haines

More than 50% of all humans have STI's, so why all the shame?

Today's podcast with nurse practitioner Lauren Haines de-stigmatizes STI's and STD's allowing us to hear the facts and normalize this part of being sexually intimate with others.

It's not as scary as society has made it out to be.


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#56: Sexcapades with Tony Hatch & Cristina Lopez

Y'all asked for more of Tony and Cristina so here you go!

An episode all about their + my Sexcapades.

Topics covered:

  • Fantasies Come True
  • Weirdest Situations
  • Newbie Mistakes
  • Kinkiest Story
  • First Sex Party
  • Most Grateful For
  • Our Wish Lists

Tony & Cris has the top #1 and #2 episodes on my...

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The Making of Brandi

Last Tuesday I arranged for my partner Scott and I to meet at a hotel.

I was Brandi, an Escort. My partner made up the persona of Travis, a lonely widow.

I arrived at the hotel early to shower, dress, and then met him at the bar downstairs.

Y'all... I was so freaking nervous. I never dress like...

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#55: Swinging 101 with Jo Leavitt

Today on the podcast I have Jo Leavitt, podcast host of The Confident Swinger, she is a coach leading others into the Lifestyle. 

Eternally optimistic, Jo is a wife and mom and loves leading others into the world of swinging.

We cover:

  • 0:55 - 1:50 Jo’s Dive into Swinging
  • 6:10 -...
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Podcast Ep#51: Your Inner Child Leads to Healing with Taylar Jackson

Taylar Jackson has been on the podcast before with top episode Sit Down Into It, and today we are discussing how acknowledging our inner child can bring tremendous healing.  

We have some hilarious conversations about watching How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix, Taylar's "God...

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The Boudoir Photoshoot That Changed my Life

Over the past decade I chose a safe relationship that allowed me to be in a place of healing, and step into the goddess... the priestess... the creatrix that I am today.

I birthed multiple business.

Created millions of dollars in revenue.

Invested in myself.

Traveled and went to conferences.


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There Are No S*xual Incompatibilities

Yes, you read that right. And I'm completely blown away as well.

Let me take a step back and talk about this past weekend, when my partner Scott and I attended a s*x workshop by Jaiya and Ian from the show S*x, Love & Goop on Netflix.

I learned that there are 5 ways that we as...

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Pleasure is Your Birthright

I’m amazed at just how much pleasure is offered to me on a daily basis.

A cool breeze on my body

The sound of my wind chimes

My long hair blowing in the wind across my shoulders and chest

Hot water on my body in the shower

The fragrance of my soap

Fingers massaging my scalp

A sensual...

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Open Relationships 101

Way back at the beginning of time, over the millions of years that we have been humans, we have seen different kinds of relationships emerge, different kinds of societies take place.

We're currently in a very patriarchal society that considers relationships to be ownership and property.

In my ...

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My Profound Experience with Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP Netflix Series

Last week on Netflix Gwyneth Paltrow's Sex, Love, & GOOP series came out and it changed my life.

Let me start first by saying if you know me at all by now, you can tell I'm a shiny ball of love, light, and energy.

I LOVE to create. We call that "manifest" in the woo world, and I'm...

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