Weekly Newsletter

The Making of Brandi

Last Tuesday I arranged for my partner Scott and I to meet at a hotel.

I was Brandi, an Escort. My partner made up the persona of Travis, a lonely widow.

I arrived at the hotel early to shower, dress, and then met him at the bar downstairs.

Y'all... I was so freaking nervous. I never dress like this. NEVER.

I was worried everyone would look at me and judge me and think I'm slutty.

My partner was already at the bar nursing a drink, so I instantly felt both a sigh of relief and a twinge of nervousness... it was time to fully step into Brandi's persona.

I ordered a fun cocktail. Flirted with him. By the time Travis invited me to dinner he was already feeling up my fishnets and the men on the other side of the bar were slyly watching us.

It felt delicious 🔥 !

We walked down a few blocks to an underground restaurant that was packed full of people. 

I felt another twinge of nervousness that so many people were witnessing my outfit. I did stick out more here and definitely felt eyes on me but I kept my head high and worked instead on exuding sexual confidence.

During dinner I got bored with our characters and asked to renegotiate.

Travis agreed. 

We became unhappily married folks that met on a dating site. I was in town for a conference. This scenario was way hotter so we went with it.

On the way back to the hotel he was grabbing my ass under my skirt and kissing my neck. 

By the time we walked through the doorway to the room clothes were flying and we stayed in charter through hours of f*cking.

This was such a fun experience, and I cannot wait to take on a new character next time!

Are you doing anything fun to spice up your sex life and keep things hot with your partner?