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EP#75: Aftercare Post-Sex: Creating an Intentional Practice


At the beginning of this podcast I talk about how freaking sad my sex life was for the first two decades of my life. In this clip I share with you what it was like to have sex with Scott for the first time.

The amount of care and intention he put into setting a beautiful space, having everything prepared and ready for lovemaking.

THREE HOURS of that lovemaking, y’all. I bet I had 15 - 20 orgasms.

The reason that I share this with you is because this is what GROWN UP SEX is like.

If your sex consists of 10 - 20 minutes of P in V, you’re fucking like a high schooler.

GRADUATELEVEL UP your sex game.

Add some sexy foreplay and some delicious aftercare.

And it’s the aftercare where Scott blew my fucking mind.

I’d never been treated with such love and care and respect.

I hope this podcast inspires you to longer, more fulfilling sex and aftercare!