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How Netflix's Sex, Love & Goop Changed my S*x Life

1 year ago I watched episode 1 of Sex, Love, & Goop, and it completely changed my relationship with my ex-husband ….. and it’s changed the trajectory of my life.

I saw deep sensuality and a whole world of possibilities open up for me.

Sex was vanilla up until then.

We went through the motions.

And as I watched episode 1, everything suddenly became an option for me.

I came to understand sex is a thing to be experienced, not checked off a list. Not just tolerated.

I watched Jaiya use Wolverine-like steel blades to provide a cold, tingly sensation.

A piece of ice.

A feather. 

Energetic orgasms.

WTF had I been doing for 20 years in the bedroom?

I yearned for play and fun and exploration.

After asking for more (& being told that was too much), we opened our marriage last fall.

I allowed myself to be curious.

To be open.

To play and explore.

I found men that could offer multi-hour sexual sessions… and this became my reality with each partner I explored with.

We consciously uncoupled in January, and he’s still involved in my boys life.

I’ll always love him for offering me the space and container to pursue my curiosity.

I met Scott because I was allowed to explore.

I’m in a sex coaching program to earn my coaching certification.

I’m coaching others into better sex lives and aligned relationships.

I’ve realized pleasure is my birthright, and my body was literally designed for pleasure.

Thank you Ian Ferguson and Jaiya Ma for the work you’re doing in the world and for stepping up so boldly to show us there is another way.

If you haven’t watched the show, I encourage you to watch at lease episode 1 and find out your Sexual Blueprint (I’m a shapeshifter!).





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