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10 Travel Tips in a Post-Covid World

I’ve got some travel ✈️ advice now that I’m on my 3rd trip this year (& a 4th coming in hot at the end of this month).

1. Take snacks. Lots of snacks. Half of the restaurants are closed even in major hubs like ATL. Avoid that “hangry” feeling by being prepared!

2. Bring an empty water bottle with you. You never, ever want to be dehydrated while flying, as it can give you headaches. Just fill it up once you clear security.

3. Planes (at least Delta) now offers almonds! No more crappy cookies or goldfish (I swear American Airlines gave me goldfish on my last flight with them).

4. First class is now attainable! This trip I paid just $60 to get bumped up on 2 of my flights. The extra room is heaven! I'm 5'8 so not feeling like I need to shrink myself for 2 hours is a huge win.

5. Never, ever put your stuff on the bathroom stall floor. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️. I walked by a stall where a lady had her neck pillow on the floor and just 2 stalls over there was feces all over the floor because a toilet overflowed.

6. There are not enough rental cars. They were sold off during Covid to keep car rentals afloat. So book as early as possible.

7. Don’t get the “managers special” at the car rental. I was told I’d be driving an F150 truck. I said “no thank you” and instead paid a little more for a Jeep.

8. Don’t rent cars from the cheapo lines, especially if you’re  headed somewhere with tolls. They don’t have toll passes on their cars. I love Alamo, because they think of everything like toll passes, forgotten cell phone chargers, and let you pick out your own car!

9. Dress comfy. Plan on walking miles on travel days. I did see a few suits in various airports, but generally, even in First Class, folks are rocking sweats and sneakers.

10. It’s way less scary to get back in the air then you’re imagining it to be. Wearing a mask the whole time isn’t that bad. To get some extra air, eat or drink something (think tiny pieces of popcorn to get the longest break!) & take it off for a few minutes. And now that I’ve had Covid & both immunizations I feel completely safe.

Now that the world is opening back up, it's time to start planning your next trip!

Hopefully these tips help you on your next flight.

(My dad & I in Savannah at the French pub Circa 1875)