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3 Goddesses to Help You Thrive in Business

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3 Goddesses to Help You Thrive in Business

Su Guillory, founder of The Goddess Magic Circle, has a special connection to Goddesses. 

As a marketing genius and badass business woman, she knows what business owners need to skyrocket sales. 

So it makes sense that she'd also be tapped into higher powers. And in this case it's the wisdom of ancient Goddesses.

There are 3 specific Goddesses that can help us in business and they are:

1. Kali - the Hindu Goddess of death. She helps us clear out what's no longer serving us (clients, employers, bad dates, etc.)

2. Athena- she gives strength to be more assertive. Need to close that business deal or increase your costs? Athena is your Goddess.

3. Lakshmi- she gives abundance and wealth. Who doesn't need more of this?

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