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3 Ways to Recognize You’re on the Right Path using Angel Numbers

Let’s talk Angel Numbers. I’m sure you’re like “What in the world is she talking about?”.

Well, when you see the same numbers in a row, over and over throughout your day those are called Angel numbers!

The most common ways to see them are on the clock.

12:12. 11:11, 10:10. You get the idea. Some people see them in house numbers or even totals on their receipt of something purchased ($9.99 are your outta your mind?).

These are little reminders of being aligned with the Universe.

If you don’t see them, start becoming aware when looking at numbers if there are any patterns.

And if my special sign is a Tesla, maybe you have something else you see constantly (if you’re paying attention).

One day I was so super aligned with the Universe that I captured 5 angel numbers on the clock on my phone. I was signing new clients left and right and everyone was paying their invoices that day. My Quickbooks app on phone was like “cha-ching!, cha-ching!, cha-ching!”.

Kelly Rae Roberts, my favorite artist, has a painting that says “What is Calling You? Follow the Whispers”. These signs are “whispers” from the Universe.

3 Ways to Recognize You’re on the Right Path:

  • Start becoming mindful of the “whispers” that the Universe is leaving for you. 
  • Angel numbers, Teslas, or red cardinals are what my family sees a lot when we notice we’re in alignment. What are your signs?
  • The more you notice these signs the more affirmation you’ll get with a continued increase!

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