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5 Action Steps to Attract Your Ideal Client

I’ve spent the last 5 years training and educating others on selling into Walmart and Amazon.

I’ve worked in or for retailers for almost 17 years now (man that makes me feel old!).

Lately I’ve realized that the biggest lessons didn’t come from work – they came from everything else that happened BECAUSE of the work.

Learning to find worth outside of my 9-5.

Finding joy through the eyes of my kids.

Getting and staying fit. 

Building a million dollar company, from scratch, as a woman in a male dominated space like retail. 

Today, I want to share with you some of the best actionable tips that will help you succeed as a product-based business owner.

5 Actionable steps that you can take right now to attract more clients and make profits:

1. Post daily on LinkedIn.
Even if it’s just empowering posts re-syndicated from others. Get. Out. There.
2. Start posting your own content.
Once you’re consistently doing Step #1. If you’re working for someone else it’s ok to post safe content, like what’s happening at your company, upcoming events, how to connect with what’s going on.
3. Write blog posts.
Now that #1 and #2 are happening, it’s time to position yourself as a subject matter expert in your field.  Talk about how amazing you are, and what you’re contributing.
4. Look alive on social media!
If you are not showing up EVERY SINGLE DAY on yours social feeds, millennials think you’re closed or no longer in business. You must also post beautiful content on social. Hire someone to help you if photography and copywriting aren’t in your skills set.

For example, check out my My Instagram feed.

5. Build relationship.

Millennials want to feel connected to your brand. Create ways to communicate to your shopper through inserts, email auto-responders with authentic content, loyalty programs, learn their names, host a Facebook Group, create a unique unboxing experience (go SPANX!). Show up in an authentic way.