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Abundant Sisterhood Retreat

I've just come back from a naked Sisterhood event in the woods.

(This was Goddess Feast night)

Frolicking in the woods like a damn fairy. It was glorious.

As a business owner and retreat facilitator, I had so many learnings and downloads from the event that I'd love to share with you.

So many learnings from this retreat. Lots of inspiration & discovery processing through me as I drive home 🏡.

1. Bougie is not always better. I’ve been to super fancy retreats with top-tier accommodations and personal chef, and this event here it was very Primitive. I’m finding that as long is basic human needs are met, the most important thing about our retreat is its leadership team, flow and vibe throughout the entire event, A group of people that are attracted to the  event or actually the most important secret ingredients. Inclusivity > fancy.

2. Less rules & control the better. I’ve been to a lot of events that are tightly controlled, do not allow alcohol or any type of drug, and force the attendees to attend every session. The really open, feminine flow of this event allowed everyone to stay in their own alignment and serving experience.

Everyone got to relax in their womanhood, released their responsibility for all the other humans in their life, had an amazing time, and incredible amounts of magic broke through.

3. Not everyone will stay, and everyone processes things in their own way. Especially the really hard shit. it is not my responsibility to manage other people's experiences. I’m only responsible for my own.

4. I get out of the experience the amount of energy and effort I’m willing to put in. Going all in means I will walk out of it learning something new about myself.

5. Being around people completely different than me is really refreshing. I learned so much this weekend from people whose paths I normally would never cross. I found complete acceptance from everyone in this group.

I’m heading home completely filled up.

My cup is so full from the Sisterhood I just experienced.

Come join me next year!