Weekly Newsletter

Burning Sh*t Up

Let’s talk about burning shit up, like this volcano in Costa Rica.

Burnin’ Up My Business:

When I think about my business and all of the iterations of me I’ve had to kill off to become the CEO I am today, there are a pile of Jennifer’s on the ground behind me.

The me that:

  1. Was insecure and needed a business coach because I “Couldn’t make good decisions on my own”
  2. Paid my team everything I made, leaving nothing for me
  3. Didn’t ask to be paid what I was worth
  4. Was scared to open new income streams and launch new programs
  5. Was a complete tight-ass and led from my masculine, tightly gripping to each client and letting anyone in that had a pulse.

Burnin’ Up My Personal Life:

I’ve now burnt up my life with 2 different husbands because it was no longer serving us as partners.

Instead of staying in marriages that were not aligned with who I’d become, and where my husbands had chosen not to grow with me, I loved them… and me… enough to peacefully and respectfully let go and walk away, allowing us all to find better aligned partners.

Life is truly a journey.

And we are fully in control of what it looks like.

Feel free to break the rules.

To create a life that fully supports you, your kids, your team, your clients, your heart.

Blow shit up that is stagnant.

And rebirth into something new that flows and fits better.