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EP#82: Conscious Kink with Ashley Garcia

Are you curious about kink and how it can be a healthy and fulfilling aspect of a relationship? In this episode I sit down with Ashley Garcia, a sex and relationship coach specializing in kink and conscious communication, to explore conscious kink and its role in relationships.

We begin by normalizing kink and emphasizing the importance of exploring different aspects of a relationship, including kink, with permission and without judgment. Ashley shares her personal journey into kink, which began with curiosity and healing from trauma. She explains how shibari, a form of kink, allowed her to feel touch in a nurturing way and explore her shadows. Ashley also discusses how kink can bridge different love languages and deepen connection in a partnership.

Throughout the episode, we highlight the importance of communication, consent, and attunement in kink play. Ashley shares her experience with introducing shibari to her friend group and emphasizes the need for both partners to attune to themselves and each other before engaging in any kink activities. We also discuss the concept of "safer kink" and the importance of prioritizing safety and consent in any kink play.

Ashley explains how she creates a space for kink play with her partner, emphasizing the importance of setting the scene and intention, and how she incorporates all of her senses into the space. She also encourages listeners to explore their own erotic blueprints and unlock more aspects of themselves.

We wrap up the episode by sharing resources and recommendations for those interested in exploring conscious kink, including online resources for attunement and breath work, and conscious kink mentors. Ashley also shares information about upcoming events and resources for those interested in exploring kink further.

Overall, the episode aims to destigmatize kink and encourage listeners to explore. So, if you're curious about kink and want to learn more, be sure to check out this episode!

Thanks for tuning in, and don't forget to reach out with suggestions for future episodes.

As Ashley says, "Release shame and judgment around kink, and explore it with intention and consent."

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