Weekly Newsletter

EP#76: Men: Decoding the Dating Mystery with Jake Voss


This week I have Jake Voss on the podcast. Jake is a fashion consultant, IT manager for a school system, boy dad, and lover of snowboarding.


Post-divorce, Jake has taken the time to figure out how to date well, and today he’s here to give men a guidebook on how to land dates.


Topics Covered:

  1. How to get mentally ready for a date

  2. How to be desirable online

  3. What to do on your date

  4. Look inward - what have you been doing that is NOT working?

  5. Care for yourself

  6. Be interesting

  7. Take great pictures

  8. Write a great profile

  9. Be honest in your DM’s

  10. Swipe right on women ONLY when you’re aligned

  11. How to open up the conversation about moving off the app and into a IRL date

  12. Meet up: Coffee or Happy Hour