Weekly Newsletter

#58: Put Your Dreams to the Test with Sheila Jones of Wicked Results Consulting

Sheila Jones is the owner of Wicked Results.

Hence the name, her focus is getting big results for her clients in their personal and professional life.  

Today's theme is: Putting Your Dreams to the Test!  

We are both so freaking passionate about helping people create and birth the life of their dreams.  

If you're not excited every day to jump out of bed and work on your passion, then you're doing life wrong.  

So many good nuggets in this episode like:  

2:07 - 2:58: Is This Dream Really Your Dream? 

3:15 - 4:21 Discover Your Dream by Finding What Brings You Fire 

5:00 - 5:57 Bring Your Dream Into Fruition 

8:33 - 9:20 No J-O-B is Going to Pay Me $3M 

9:22 - 10:10 Your Dreams Are What We Need