Weekly Newsletter

Homework Can Be Hard

Sometimes the work is hard.
Homework, that is.
I had a client recently come to crossroads in his marriage.
Have the hard conversation that he wants his relationship to change OR ignore the problems, and continue half-living in his partnership.
Renegotiating our relationships is allowed.
This applies to A L L relationships in our lives.
Partners. Kiddos. The boss. Clients. Friends.
When something isn't working, make it a habit to have the hard conversations right at the jump vs. decades in.
This allows us to shape and mold our relationships around the ways we are also changing.
Can you imagine drinking the same orange juice every damn day of your life, for your E N T I R E life?
Same brand. No pulp.
Sometimes we want coffee. Or chocolate milk. Or a mimosa.
As we change, so should our relationships adapt.
Have the hard conversations.
What I've found in my currently relationship with Scott, where I can have hard conversations and he actually talks back to me, when we're done it brings us closer together.
Unimaginably closer together 😈🔥
It's worth being temporarily uncomfortable to take steps closer together.
If so what if it brings you even farther apart? Then at least you know the relationship is not going to work, and you can move on.