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3 Steps to Growing Business Visibility

Today I’m with Annalise Worn, who helps impact driven entrepreneurs master their own lead generation, so they can attract all the clients they need to grow their businesses, simply.

Here are my notes from our conversation:

#1: The buyer journey - Provide value.

Example - snack company > We get it, packing school lunches is hard! Here's an easy recipe for 5 days of easy lunches! Retargeting - anyone that clicks on the recipe, retarget them with your offer. This also allows for easier ad costs because you're leading with the value first, warming them up!

#2: PR- pay attention to trends

What's trending. What are people talking about. See if your product might fit into and angle in to the story Have a team member be on the lookout for these opportunities (maybe hire a VA!) Check out https://buzzsumo.com/ Start developing relationships!

#3: Build collaborations

With journalists Influencers Complimentary brands

As we build and grow, it's important to audit what's working.

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