Weekly Newsletter

Mother's Day Memories

There is nothing quite like motherhood.

Especially as a business owner.
Know that what you're building is for your family. For your kids. For your legacy.
When my boys were little, I felt like I wasn't a good enough mom.
Their constant neediness for a sippy cup, or snack, or snuggle just wore me out and made me feel empty and drained.
Now that they're teenagers, I long for just an hour of their little selves to go back in time and visit.
That baby smell.
The grin of their first toothy smile.
The way they so easily said "I love you" as they held you hand while walking.
I absolutely love the ages they're at these days though.
The intelligent conversations we have.
Watching them grow into men right before my eyes.
Witnessing them grow something completely unique to them - not the programming I've installed.
My oldest loves everything about Japan, has been studying the language for the past 2 years, and plans to live there upon graduation.
My youngest loves science and math and wants to follow in his dad's footsteps into the world of accounting.
I hope you're honored and loved big time this Mother's Day.
What you do matters.
Keep going. Keep building. Keep showing up.
They're watching.