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No J-O-B is Going to Pay Me $3M


When we work for others, we are spoonfed work and tiny, baby raises that tell us we’re good girls and boys and we get to keep our little salaries.

Y’all… NO FREAKING JOB on the PLANET is going to pay me the kind of money I have made in my business.

I left my corporate job paying something like $80,000 a year to create my own brokerage firm, and everyone thought I was nuts.

Because $80,000/year is considered “good money”.

I’m not sure who gets to decide that $80K/yr is “good money”, but apparently that’s a thing.

It took a few years to build what I have now….

But I hit my first million… then my second million…. Then my third million… you get where I’m going with this.

And I’m not special.

I showed the f*ck up, jumped off the cliff, looked for places I could offer my expertise in the market, created my business, continued to iterate and shift and adjust when the market changed, brought in Amazon, then Shopify, then Marketing, then video content, the TikTok, then we created our first commercial…

It’s the very special way that I look at business, that I look at opportunity, that I speak, that my branding looks, how I show up, etc. that attracts my Tribe to me.

And that’s what’s going to attract your tribe to you.

This is an excerpt from my podcast with Sheila Jones. 

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