Weekly Newsletter

Seasons of Life

Costa Rica truly was a rejuvenating experience at a pivotal time in my life.

My husband had moved out just 72 hours before I got on the plane.

This trip became the bridge between my second chapter of my adult life and the third.

Chapter 1: My 20’s

I met my first husband, had 2 kids, got 2 degrees, and began to get clear that I was in charge of creating my own happiness.

I didn’t like what I’d created, got divorced, and met and married husband #2.


Chapter 2: Most of my 30’s

Husband #2 created an emotionally supportive environment for me and my boys for 8 years that allowed us to balance our nervous systems and begin to thrive.

We found solid footing, found our voices, and got strong in the space that he held for the three of us to just "be".

In opening our marriage in just these last few months, we both discovered we wanted things the other couldn’t provide, and consciously un-partnered our marriage out of a mutual love and respect for each other.


Chapter 3: As I near my 40’s

I’ve discovered that I can ask for what I want and others are happy to step up and support me!

Those that aren’t aligned are falling away to move on to find better alignment.

I’m also discovering that I’m not too much, and am in fact perfect just the way I am.

There is so much for me in this new phase of discovery, and allowance, and play.