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Get Ready for Prime Day

It’s time to start preparing for Prime Day!

If you’re already in Vendor or Seller Central, you have already seen notifications from Amazon to get your Prime Day inventory in.

So let’s chat about how you can prepare now to be sure you rock the pants off Amazon’s biggest shopping day!


What is Prime Day?

Well, it’s actually not just 1 day, but several days that lead into a week of phenomenal deals.

Prime Day is Amazon’s Christmas. Or Super Bowl if you’re a sports fan. The majority of revenue for the year comes during those days.

Shoppers expect to find their favorite items on AMZ, plus giftable items, on sale during this time.

I’ve created a list of 5 Best Practices to Prepare for Prime Days - and these can be done NOW!


5 Action Steps to take NOW to Impact Prime Days

  1. Grow your email list Install an email capture form on your website, to later email blast Prime Day deals.

I've heard online marketers say that for every name on your email marketing list, it equals $1/month. Want an extra million a year? Get 100,000 subscribers (assuming your item is $10). How? Read this: https://jennakutcherblog.com/73/.

2. Understand who your shoppers actually are by installing Google Analytics onto your Website. It will help you attract your ideal customer base, help with conversion on your external social media ads, and will help on Amazon too.

3. Spruce up your listings with relevant sales converting keywords by using tools like MerchantWords. Don’t forget keywords like “gifts for mom” or “gifts for dad”, because shoppers stock up on Prime Days for holidays.

4. Update your A+ Content if it’s been a while. We want it feeling fresh and relevant.

5. Lastly, this is a great time to also get into your Storefront and do some housekeeping.

    1. Is it seasonally relevant?
    2. Are all of your current items included?
    3. Are old items deleted?
    4. Have you included a reason to interact and stay in the storefront, like including recipes, instructions, videos…. I have one client adding in sewing patterns for her yarn!


5 Things to Deploy Just Before Prime Days:

  1. Create a Prime Days Storefront banner to direct external traffic to
  2. Send Prime Days Email reminders out to remind shoppers of your deals.
  3. Offer deep coupon discounts- remember this is the perfect time to capture new customers!
  4. Send a Prime Day email blast to your external email list, driving them back to Amazon.
  5. Sign up for Prime Day Deals and Lightning Deals

*As a Prime Day shopper myself last year, I found clicking the “Prime Day Deals” was the easiest way to wade through actual sale items in the search results as I shopped for early Christmas presents. If you’re not in this special program, you’re going to miss out.


So what about inventory levels? 

This is a tricky one.

If you’ve been through Prime Days in the past, you might have an idea of how much inventory to stock up on. I have seen some crazy sales increases, but it totally depends on the category you sell in.

You might plan to double sales on best sellers, then create backup FBM listings to fulfill from if those go out of stock.

Listing Troubleshooting:

If you feel that your listings on Amazon feel stuck, it’s probably because the keywords aren’t correct. 

If you dreamed them up yourself, remember that you’re projecting your own perspective and life experience onto Amazon and your listings. Instead, use data. 

It’s super affordable, actually. Start with Merchantwords- I’ll include my affiliate link below that allows you to monthly access for under $100 bucks. https://www.merchantwords.com/jruscin

You can download a CSV of relevant keywords for your category or item, and then use them in your titles, bullets, backend keywords, and manual ads. 

This should get sales moving quickly. 

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