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Be Kind to Yourself


I overheard the saddest talk from a lady in a spa dressing room this weekend.

Hang tight. Let me set the stage here.

My hubby and I just celebrated 7 years together and took off for Missouri to Big Cedar Lodge to have a spa day and stay overnight in a cabin.

I’d just finished 90 minutes of complete bliss during a massage with a guy named Jeff, and was changing into street clothes so Derek (that’s my husband) and I could grab some drinks and a bite to eat.

I’m behind the dressing room curtains and I hear “UGH! My body is so disgusting!”.

The first thing I thought was what a horrible thing to say to yourself, and the next I was wondering just how ginormous this woman must be.

Next, her and her BFF start talking about how they’d given birth 3 and 6 months ago, and their bodies were just destroyed.

At this point I’m heading out to leave and I see two model perfect 20 somethings about half the size of myself in the lounge. WOW.

Our bodies are miracles.

I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t have negative self-talk here.

My BFF Anna is the best at reminding me how strong our bodies are. How they are getting stronger with each workout. Operating with perfection after each cleanse.

They’ve created and birthed babies.

Walked us across entire cities (a few years ago I walked the entire city of Florence, Italy in 1 day), and over mountains.

Our bodies literally regenerate themselves. Did you know that every 7-10 years you get a COMPLETELY new body? I’ve had almost 4 bodies in my lifetime already. That’s insanely cool.

These women reminded me to love myself

This picture above makes me really nervous. Nervous to show you my butt in tight pants. Ohmygawd thinking about this makes me want to throw up a little. But ya know what? Each day I’m getting better. Stronger. More capable.

Last year I told my trainer I wanted to know I was able to pull my husband out of a fire, just in case. I wanted to be that strong. So we started going to a Crossfit gym and I worked all summer until I could do 200 lb back squats.

I can leg press 500 lbs. Surely that’s a small car or something. Maybe one day that will come in handy ๐Ÿ™‚

Instead of looking in the mirror at the extra fat, I’m concentrating on the new lines. The toned arms. How my calves are nothing but muscle.

And I’m reminded to love all of me.

I hope my being super transparent inspires you. And that you pass on the inspiration that you feel reading this to someone else today. Maybe it’s an encouraging text. Or being honest with your kid or partner. Admitting that you’re human too.

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