Weekly Newsletter

Master Life Through Your Calendar

I'd like to share a secret with you. In order to get what you want, all you have to do it put it on your calendar, block it off, and do it!

I know, sounds mysteriously easy, right?

Well, it is! Just about everything in life is way simpler than we make it out to be.

Let me talk you through how to get everything you want and be happy while doing it.

Backstory: I was recently talking with a friend, and he was lamenting on and on about how stressful his job was. Only he could be the one to answer phones. Only he had answers for his clients. Picking his kids up from school was taking hours out of his day. 

He was grumpy. Then he was angry. Finally, he was upset with me for mentioning that maybe he lacked boundaries, and needed to figure out what help looked like... then ask for it!

The other day I was on a call with a client. She was supposed to be on vacation, but apparently had been on calls all day, "working even harder than usual" commented her employee that was also on the phone call...

She made a comment that I'm not accessible when I go on vacation because I turn on my out of office...

....Yup, and I also delete the email app from my phone so I'm not tempted to work when I'm off, AND don't take my laptop. I leave my top 2 team members on my OOO (out of office), then leave work at home.

In order feel happy, our needs have to be met.

This is basic "Humanity 101".

 In this busy world that we live in, how does one be happy?

We take care of ourselves first, then our family, jobs, and friends.

 The easiest way I've found to do this is to throw everything on the calendar to block off the things that it takes to keep you happy, so that can get all of the other stuff done.

What to put on your calendar (in order or importance):

  1. Self Care
  2. Workouts
  3. Kid stuff (like carline, field trips, plays, etc)
  4. Family time
  5. Adult time and dates with your partner
  6. Vacations

Outside of these 6 things is your work time. Schedule this time when you're fresh and work the best. For me, it's 11-2. That's my time for client calls, team stuff, and other work activities.

So grab your calendar and start shifting your life today!

My last piece of advice is to hire out what can be done by others. 

  1. House Cleaning
  2. Mowing
  3. Grocery Delivery
  4. Meal Prep Services
  5. School tudor for your kids
  6. Nanny to pick kids up from school
  7. The possibilities are literally endless!