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Choose Another Adventure - Testimonial

I have had so much joy working with M.

When he came to me, he'd been in a 25 year marriage that was stuck and he was miserable.

He'd listened to my podcast Ep#42: Open Relationships 101, and was curious about what opening up his marriage might look like.

Could he actually be s*xually and relationally filled up during his lifetime?

We discussed different ways to begin the conversation with his wife.

I recommended also finding a marriage therapist that was Poly-friendly to work with them together.

And he began the work.

We met weekly, then bi-weekly, and now just check in monthly as his support system and circumstances have grown.

M. has now consciously and loving separated from his wife.

They're cohabitation and laughing at their dating app stories, cheerleading each other on to find more aligned partners.

They're allowing themselves to figure out what life has to offer, while supporting each other, their child, and family members.

It takes guts to take the path less wandered.

To find out what else life has in store for us.

To taste from the bounty of pleasure waiting for us.

Sometimes our partners are will to go on that journey with us.

And sometimes they choose another adventure.

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