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Coming Home With Amber Glover

I was watching her social media feeds and there's Amber and her kids at the beach. And then a week later, Amber's still at the beach.

And I'm like, what is happening?

I realized that Amber Dougan Glover had created this life that she really wanted to live.

You know, she's not a slave to the desk or a slave to the cubicle, and she's created a team and she's created a lifestyle that allows her to take a month out of the entire year and go spend it with her family and her babies and her husband and go play. And then maybe at night or at lunch, check her phone and get some work done.

I think we can all aspire to that!

Want to really understand what it's like to craft a life like this?

Listen to this mind-blowing podcast > https://ed.gr/dkp4l