Weekly Newsletter

There is a Different way to do Life

“There is another way of looking at the world. (ACIM, W-33)” - A Course in Miracles

This weekend my boyfriend met my boys’ dad for the first time over coffee.

My ex wanted to make sure he wasn’t an ax murderer, and would take great care of our boys when they were in his care. 

The meetup went glorious. 

They chatted about their shared military experience. Bitcoin. Alaska. Their ability to use a map or compass to find anything. And their shared affection for the kids.

There is a different way to do life than what we’ve been taught. 

  • We don’t have to hate our exes
  • We can consciously uncouple and still love each other
  • We can ask for what we want
  • We deserve both peace and happiness

I am so, so, so grateful for the men that have poured into my boys’ life, and those that continue to show up.

Who want to teach them how to be men.

That invest in the future version of these kids.

Who aren’t afraid of a confrontational ex, and have the balls to stand solid in who they are.

So, are you rewriting the rules too?