Weekly Newsletter

Building Endurance

Today I want to talk about endurance.

It's super important to be able to stick things out.

Like a tough challenge at work. Although the project might suck, you've gotta finish it because your team or clients are counting on you.

In your workouts. I've found the easiest way to build endurance here is to show up and do the work consistently. I show up to every workout on my calendar because I'm paying my trainer to hold me accountable, then I do his workouts because I don't want to look like a sissy. And because I want to be stronger. I want to fit into an airplane seat. And ride all the rides at theme parks. I want to be able to walk up the stairs in my house and not get winded. I want to be able to throw the ball to my boys outside for an hour and not tire out and have to go inside.

Endurance is also incredibly important in the bedroom, and with our partners. In my most recent experience of meeting lots of people online and having all the s*x, I got to see firsthand how different people's bodies are.

Some are firm. Some are squishy. "Dad bods" are a real thing.

In the bedroom you experience first hand whether someone has built endurance into their lives or not. 

Do they tire quickly?

Need to change positions frequently because they're worn out?

Can they satisfy you completely before calling it quits and ending the session?

I've had experiences where a partner can go for hours and hours.

I've also had experiences where another partner has gotten shortness of breath, they can't hold themselves up above me for long without their muscles shaking, and being asked to "hop on top" because they couldn't perform energetically any more.

How can we increase endurance?

Start somewhere. Start now.

You can start increasing your endurance by going to the gym 3-5 days a week. If you're already going to the gym, add endurance-increasing activities like walking fast or running on the treadmill, rowing, stair-stepping, etc. Anything that gets the heart rate up and makes you work hard to breathe.

I find that physical strength translates to mental and sexual endurance. 

When you're physically strong you show up stronger at work.

You also show up stronger in the bedroom.

Planks are an incredible way to build upper body endurance for positions where you're on top.

So are strengthening your legs and core.

When you're physically strong, you can last longer.

You can please your partner.

Happy partners don't nag. They don't b*tch and complain.

It's hard to complain when your cup is overflowing.