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Excuses To Let Go Of

I recently listened to a podcast by Dave and Rachel Hollis and I swear, every stinking time I listen to them I get so many truths and ah-ha! moments that I need to have a journal beside me.

But this particular time I was on a run, and getting super pumped and motivated by Dave & Rach’s stories about the lies they believed about themselves until one day they decided to challenge the beliefs they were told growing up.

I’m going to paraphrase some of their beliefs:

“I will never be a runner”.

“I’ll mess my knees up if I exercise, so I better just stay here on the couch”.

“We’re just not THOSE kind of people. The ones that are maniac about fitness and eating kale all the time”

You know… the excuses that we’ve been telling ourselves for our entire lives.

Have you ever taken the time to really stop and evaluate the lies you’ve been telling yourself?

Today I was on a walk with my husband and mother in law, because they’re in town for the weekend. We walked past a house in my neighborhood that has a Tesla, and I mentioned that I was going to go ahead and install the charging system before getting my Tesla next Spring, taking another step forward to manifest my dream car. 

My MIL told me how dangerous Teslas are and that self driving cars will be the demise of humankind. A coach and his wife were killed in a car accident last night and she said “They might have been driving a Tesla”.

I shit you not.

This is a perfect example of crazy lies that we feed ourselves and others that the most safe car on the planet today might be the demise of the human race. We say these things because we are scared. Of her son’s wife making a big purchase. Of technology she doesn’t understand. Or why in the world wouldn’t her daughter in law want to drive a paid for car?

Well, because my business actually pays for my car. It reduces my tax liability to have a car note. And because I work my ass off so I can drive something luxurious and nice. It’s my choice!

The 3 Best Takeaways:

  • We must stop believing the excuses we’ve been telling ourselves (ex: I’m not a runner)
  • Start asking yourself if the truths you believe today are something passed down from your parents. (ex: Does milk from cows REALLY make my bones stronger?)
  • Begin to re-write what you believe based on what feels good and true to you (ex: I am kind to everyone I meet, regardless of gender, race, color, nationality, sexual orientation, social status, etc.)

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