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My Profound Experience with Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP Netflix Series

Last week on Netflix Gwyneth Paltrow's Sex, Love, & GOOP series came out and it changed my life.

Let me start first by saying if you know me at all by now, you can tell I'm a shiny ball of love, light, and energy.

I LOVE to create. We call that "manifest" in the woo world, and I'm freaking magical at it.

It's literally why I'm on the planet.

To create, and show others how to create. How to become abundant. How to bring into reality all the things you deeply desire.

And I'm allllll those things... except in my bedroom. I'll tell you why in a minute 👇 .

Recently I've decided it's freaking time to ask for what  I  want. 

It's led me to a sex and marriage therapist that has deeply helped me process the things I've yearned for but never expressed verbally. That it's my right to show up as big and boldly as I want. That I'm not "too much".

Back to Sex, Love, & GOOP.

In the first or second episode somatic sexologist and educator Jaiya talks about her sexual blueprint quiz to discover what you really desire, and for your partner to also take the test. 

I discovered that I'm a Shapeshifter, meaning I'm open to all the things.

But the shadow side of Shapeshifting is that it's way too easy to just fall into the pattern of doing what your partner wants. Not getting our own desires satisfied. Taking the path of least resistance.

So I'm reclaiming my Shape-shiftyness and the big, bold, sensual ball of energy that is me and loving her, and giving her what she craves and desires.

I encourage you to watch the entire Sex, Love & GOOP series. They cover mirror exercises to help you love your body. Exploring where old family patterns are showing up today and sabotaging your life. And sooooo much more.

Let me know what you discover! 

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