Weekly Newsletter

If nothing else changed, could you be happy right now?

Today I'm including a picture taken from a recent women's online retreat I attended.

There was sage, and candles, and crystals, and from the comfort of my own time I got my ful woo on, flower crown included :)

This is what me being my most happy self looks like. And I was able to feel this same happy all throughout the last year, despite the stress and fear and uncertainty of Covid and quarantine.

We’ve been given a gift the past 12 months to stop... and examine the lives we’ve created in this lifetime thus far.

Before things open back up, restrictions start lifting, and masks come off, take a few minutes to examine your “happiness tank”.

Are you happy with yourself?

Although I’m a constant learner and want to better myself all the time, this past year has taught me to slow down and just be with myself.

With the parts of me that are jiggly, or saggy, or wrinkly.

With the other parts of me that are muscular, and strong, and still miraculously tight.

The sad parts, and the happy parts. The anxious parts, and the calm parts.

And I’ve learned I really like to be alone with myself. I actually like me!

I ❤️ to read 📚. I’ve read like 50 books this past year.

I ❤️ to move my body. Investing in my Peloton Tread has been a big win, especially now that I’m working out from home exclusively as my trainer hit the road to live his very best live in an RV.

I ❤️ to be with my partner and boys. They are hilarious 😆.

I ❤️ my hot tub that we bought last fall. Derek and I are in it every morning and night. Great investment on my body, and increased alone time with D.

I’ve even skinny dipped a few times now when it’s super dark outside 😂. There's something about being naked in water bigger than your bathtub that is incredible. If you've never tried it and you're being judgy towards me right now - I challenge you to get brave and do it! :)

I ❤️ our home 🏡. It’s beautiful and cozy and we all have our own space. I play the Spa channel on my Alexa all day and light a candle and wear yoga pants and my heart is so dang happy.

I want to hear from you!!

Tell me below what you’ve learned, gained, or benefitted from over the last 12 months. This is your chance to take a moment and actually type out what it's been like. Believe me - it's cathartic and feels great to do this. Then let me know what you figured out.

I'm just on the other side of this blog post.