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Increase Online Sales by Evoking a Seasonal Feeling

It’s fall here in the US, and your customers are feeling it. They’re seeing it. If they live in warmer climates, they’re wishing and hoping deeply for it. 

Capitalize on those wishes, hopes, and feelings by evoking the feeling of the season for your shoppers!

You do this through

1. Images

2. Words used in your listings

3. Storefronts

4. Enhanced Brand Content

Here are some actual real-life examples of how brands are using the feelings of this season to help shoppers get in the mood, and buy more.

1) Thrive Skincare has a fall vibe the minute you land on their storefront. While the rest of the Storefront gives that jungly-vibe, at least they updated their first main image to reflect the season.
2) Hands-down who does it best is Yogi Tea. Check out their Fall Storefront. It speaks directly to staying warm and well.
3) I love the imagery in this Jarratt Industry’s Insect Repellant Sock listing. They do a good job evoking the feeling of fall camping and being outdoors in the cold weather.
4) Create a seasonal email for your shoppers that will cause them to purchase because of the season. This one links to a Bone Broth Recipe on Dr. Cowan’s Garden’s Storefront.
5) Create something useful for your shopper that they can download or create! Check out my Thanksgiving Meal plan for Think.Eat.Live. I’ll be using this in their Feedback Genius email autoresponders, then directing shoppers to their Storefront to get the recipes.

Here’s the recipe card template I’m using for each item in the menu. This will be added to a seasonal tab called “Thanksgiving Recipes”, and each recipe card will become a sub-tab underneath!

Now it’s time for you to take action and update your online presence to capitalize on seasonal sales!

The 3 Best Takeaways:

  • Update images in your listings to the correct season.
  • Your Storefront/Website should be inviting, and cause the shopper to want to spend lots of time on it buying more than one item.
  • Get creative in making downloadable, recipes, tips, or advice that will actually add value to your shopper.